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Toyota Matrix Rally Sport Concept

After its debut at SEMA, Toyota presented the concept Matrix Rally Sport, during the LA Auto Show.

This concept has a 2.4 liter engine with 4 liter (possible with compressor) and it can be distinguish by the series variant by: rollcage, bodykit, air sniffs and OZ rims of 19 inch. Other details haven’t been published.

toyota-matrix-rally-sport-concept.jpg toyota-matrix-rally-sport-concept_2.jpg
Toyota Matrix Rally Sport Concept

toyota-matrix-rally-sport-concept_3.jpg toyota-matrix-rally-sport-concept_4.jpg toyota-matrix-rally-sport-concept_5.jpg
Toyota Matrix Rally Sport Concept

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Cusco WRX S-GT

Cusco presented at 2007 SEMA a WRX modified with Vivid Racing, AFI and Agency Power.

Cusco WRX S-GT

From the changes I can remind:
– bodykit;
– damper;
– suspension elements;
– rigidify bar;
– modified admission;
– GT35R turbine.

cusco-wrx-s-gt.jpg cusco-wrx-s-gt_2.jpg
Cusco WRX S-GT

cusco-wrx-s-gt_3.jpg cusco-wrx-s-gt_4.jpg
Cusco WRX S-GT

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Daewoo Leganza review

The Daewoo Leganza is surprisingly good for a Korean sedan. It is nimble, with a firm but cushioned ride – not luxurious, but not too harsh, either. The steering wheel moves too easily, though, and does not recenter quickly enough.

The Leganza engine is noisy and buzzy when pushed. The engine also tends to bog when first starting out. Gas mileage is about right for a V-6, which it is not. Power is better than one would expect on the freeway, and passing is very easy, even up hills or with the air conditioner on. The transmission is prone to lurching.

Mitsubishi Lancer vs Subaru Impreza

The old versions of Mitsubishi Lancer and Subaru Impreza didn’t impress too much with selling numbers. Now are available new models from these models, which are much better by many ways.

New Mitsubishi Lancer doesn’t look at all with the previous model, talking about the design. The car looks almost the same with the concept from which it was made.

On the other side, Subaru Impreza passed on hatchback body and for many fans wasn’t too good. The design isn’t that great, but there are many favorable parts on this model, too.

Mitsubishi Lancer

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Daewoo Tacuma

Daewoo Tacuma 2.0 CDX Auto (mini MPV 5-dr automatic) features:
• ~ On the road price- £13,995
• ~ Engine– 2.0 L in-line4
• ~ Cc- 1,998
• ~ Maximum power kW- 89
• ~ Maximum power hp/PS- 121
• ~ rpm for maximum power- 5,600
• ~ maximum torque Nm- 176
• ~ rpm for maximum torque- 4,000
• ~ Transmission type- automatic
• ~ number of speeds- 4
• ~ combined (l/100km)- 10.8
• ~ maximum speed (mph)- 107
• ~ acceleration 0-62mph (s)- 11.7
• ~ Country of assembly- Korea

Daewoo Tacuma
daewoo-tacuma_2.JPG daewoo-tacuma_3.JPG daewoo-tacuma_4.JPG
Daewoo Tacuma