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Future of Auto industry comes from indigo

Chinese from Shuanghuan Automobile plays hard and goes out. Recently, they made a copy of the Smart fortwo model of the product from Daimler, which they called a Noble and the importer, China Motors, won before a court in Greece (against complaints of plagiarism made by Daimler ) the right of sale in this country.
The one who took this decision is a court in Greece which has motivated the decision as “a buyer ready not confuse the model with the Smart fortwo Noble (…) it is recognized that the decision to buy a car is based not only on the outside vehicle but also on technical details such as car engine.
Chinese vehicle is longer by half a meter from the original Smart fortwo, with 3 feet, two extra seats and the engine located in front and traction on all front, while the model of Daimler propeller are back and the traction wheels rear.

Mitsubishi launched Evo X FQ330 SST

Britons have always had a weakness for the Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, and the tenth generation is no exception.
The Japanese market has launched the UK version of Evo X FQ330 SST. The strengths of the new versions include a 2.0 turbo engine of 329 horsepower and 437 Nm, a TC-SST transmission (Twin-clutch Sports Shift Transmission) in six steps and, of course, the traction integral S-AWC (Super All-Wheel Control).

Mitsubishi Evo X FQ330 SST

Nissan GT-R by Ventross

After a long absence, Ventross offered us the “Japanese”: Nissan GT-R.
Like the parent company Vorsteiner, and those from outside Ventross provides for a body kit made of carbon fiber. Thus, in the front and made a new place spoiler, while the back find a new speaker. For people who want more than that, Ventross provide new forged wheels, 19 or 20 inches.
If you have a garage in the Nissan GT-R kit and the tuner you find interesting, you know that it will be available for sale from next month.

Honda Accord full of caps

Let’s see how far can lead a hobby! Owner, namely, Stephanie, has transformed the car, a Honda Accord from 1993, in a work of art, covering it with caps of bottles collected. A “dressed” almost the whole car, excluding the above.
He was helped by several friends and bartender who sorted lids. Indeed very pretty and colorful. From afar you were saying that it is full of covers!

Honda Accord full of covers

Honda Accord full of covers

Honda Accord full of covers

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