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Mitsubishi i-Miev – not very accessible electric car

Some say that the future belongs to electric cars and natural resources like oil is smaller from year to year probably are right. Unfortunately, the market entry of such a vehicle is expected to leave. Of the several models launched by the different corners of the world, none managed to persuade the public to adopt the media. Most popular one is the hybrid Toyota Prius, which can be seen on our roads, but it does not relieve you of visits to the gas station. Mitsubishi i-Miev a name is not unknown to those who follow the automotive industry, but once the newness of the company’s official announcement regarding the future of producing electrical car.

Mitsubishi i-Miev

A new aerodynamic kit for Nissan GT-R

The tuning prepared for supercar Nissan GT-R is richer with a new aerodynamic kit. It comes from the Japanese company Abflug and consists of an extension for the spoiler, the thresholds for lateral extension and rear spoiler included speaker. Also, future customers may opt for a new aileron of carbon fiber or new rims.

Nissan GT-R

Auto obsession hits the Chinese

Communism work now on wheels, a Chinese extremely passionate about the phenomenon of auto museum opened in Beijing Chinese Classics machines, in which approximately 170 are housed in vintage cars from around the world.
But for a special occasion fulfillment of 60 years of its establishment Republic of China, on October 1, the museum has put aside for additional polish with “red fleet”.
Pieces of resistance: Convertible used by Mao in military inspections that was a car that has ever walked the communist leader Deng Xiaoping, and a gas-69, a vehicle used by the Soviet army.


Geely Beauty Leopard tuned by Chinese

Chinese are tuning a Geely Beauty Leopard.
I have seen copies of Enzo Ferrari cars and modified by the Chinese but this copy of a car valued at $ 650,000 is like too much.
So a Geely Beauty Leopard was transformed into a successful copy of the red Ferrari.
I think the best name for the tuned car would be Chen-Zo.

Geely Beauty Leopard tuned by Chinese
Geely Beauty Leopard tuned by Chinese
Geely Beauty Leopard tuned by Chinese

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Mazda Nagare

Mazda Nagare concept was revealed at this year’s Greater Los Angeles International Auto Show and is the first of a series of design concepts that Mazda will showcase this global auto show season, including Los Angeles, Detroit, Geneva and Tokyo.

Mazda Nagare