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New Acura ZDX

From concept to production version what we need is a step. Presented first as a concept at New York Auto Show 2009, the new Acura ZDX will reach in the dealer’s production version starting winter this year.
In terms of style, the new “four-door sports coupe” (as his new swing Acura model) borrows some design elements from Concept ZDX shine and smooth lines through the ceiling hatch with panoramic steep, handles of doors hidden behind, on 19 inch rims (standard) and double discharge.

Facelift for Kia Cee’d

Cee’d Mania hit us. New Kia Cee’d uncovered was photographed in a park in Slovakia, where Koreans have chosen to make the factory.
Your opinions about the possible success of this redraw are expected with interest.

Facelift for Kia Cee’d

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Hyundai Genesis Coupe with Vossen rims

New Hyundai Genesis Coupe will become without doubt one of the favorite models of the tuners world. And today’s example, called by us “orange Mechanics” sustain us once again allegations.
As can be seen in the photos below, the Korean coupe manufacturer comes with an exterior in orange and black accents to the ceiling, optical blocks and more. Regarding rims, Vossen VF051 20 inches, and this theme was reversed; orange is just a small wave in an ocean of black. Same situation and find an interior, where the skin in black Alcantara and dominate Passenger and orange is found in a smaller proportion, here, and there.

Nissan 370Z by COBRA N+

New Nissan 370Z has reached the hands tuner and Europeans with one of the first Japanese model of change that is Cobra N +.
For outside the vehicle, German tuner proposes a new aerodynamic kit with the issue of carbon fiber. Thus, the find a new front spoiler, while the new rear speaker double evacuation shelters. List of modifications aesthetic ends abruptly with the new rims that measure 19 inches and come wear 255/40 ZR 19 tires in front and 285/35 ZR 19 rear.

Hyundai with its first hybrid model

Everybody got to invest in hybrid technology, including those from Hyundai, which have launched their first hybrid car in Korea … South course, the Avant LPI Hybrid, hybrid version of the Elantra sedan.
Very briefly, the Korean car has a heat engine operating on LPG plus an electric motor which is based on lithium-ion batteries polymer.


After 43 months of work and 200 million investment, the promise of Hyundai hybrid car reaching hundred in 11.5 seconds, a maximum speed of 188km / h, consumption of 6 liters GPL/100 km and emissions of 99 g CO2/km, the smallest of a Korean model.
Korean market, in fact the only model in which Avant LPI Hybrid will be sold, prices will vary between $ 16,000 and $ 19,000 due to tax exemptions.