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Kia is stronger than Mazda with its Forte Hatchback

A couple of years ago, the main selling point of Korean cars was the price. Things have changed and from the stylish Optima to the edgy Soul, Kia is a powerful concurrent/competitor for Honda and Mazda as well.
While the Forte’s five door of the SX became more powerful, the Mazda 3 falls just a bit short.

2011 Kia Forte Hatchback

On the aesthetic level, we don’t have many reasons to complain about. From the outside, the Forte’s handsome but upright hatchback profile had a few bystanders asking if it was a new mini-SUV. In contrast to the distinctively edgy Optima, the Forte seems to draw its visual inspiration from the likes of Civic and Mazda 3. It comes together as a pleasantly inoffensive design.
The interior that tries to mask its economy-car roots with sporty accented touches.

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Why you must choose Hyundai i10 micro-car?

First introduced in 2008, the I 10 micro-car is a brand by itself for Hyundai manufacturer. With a small price which varies from £8,195 to £9,595, Hyundai i10 is fun to drive, has a spacious cabin and is fast on the road.

Hyundai i10 micro car

The micro-car has 5 doors and small boot. It was described as a very practical car for the city. The model offers fresh engines, an ultra-efficient 1.0-litre petrol and is powerful than the previous 1.25-litre engine.

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