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Lexus offers price list for IS model

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: March 11, 2010

Lexus has made public price details about the new 2010 Lexus IS 250 models, and now includes versions of F-Sport and 220D. Lexus offers price list for IS model As you can see, we have full price list for Lexus IS model and for all its options. If we speak…

Lexus GS450h arrives in China

Relevance: 82%      Posted on: January 23, 2009

The Lexus GS450h a sport sedan hybrid has landed in the PRC comes with a hefty price tag of 898,000 rmb in China. We can guarantee that CCT won’t be driving this particular model anytime soon. As all Lexus models, the GS450H comes complete with many electrical gadgets that are…

Lexus IS-F

Relevance: 69%      Posted on: October 19, 2007

Lexus IS-F characteristics: ~ engine: V8, 5 liter; ~ power: over 400 hp: ~ gear box: 8 speed direct sport-shift transmission; ~ rims: 19 inch BBS rims, specially created for this model. Lexus IS-F Lexus IS-F [tags]lexus,lexus is-f,rims,engine,gear box[/tags]

Lexus takes over Twitter

Relevance: 63%      Posted on: October 18, 2011

Promoting a product has always been the key to a successful business. And with today’s technology this is no longer a hard thing to do. Besides the usual ads and flyers, a company can also be made famous through socializing networks. Lexus knows this and has made an important step…

Lexus CT 200h

Relevance: 62%      Posted on: February 25, 2010

Details of the new Lexus 200h CT appeared online; their source was apparently an official brochure of presentation for this model. Lexus CT 200h Lexus CT 200h will debut next week at the Geneva Motor Show and will be powered by a hybrid system consisting of a 1.8-liter gasoline engine…

Lexus IS-F by Wald International

Relevance: 56%      Posted on: January 28, 2009

The Lexus IS F was recently launched in Europe and the States following the successful introduction to its native Japan last year where it is going head to head with the likes of the BMW M3 and Mercedes C63 AMG. Despite a pretty formidable package under the hood where you…

Lexus RX by Wald: Tuning for Hybrids

Relevance: 50%      Posted on: October 5, 2009

All this madness called tuning the wording and the world of hybrids. And after all why do not you fret a hybrid? For all cars and hybrids are. Boring machines, it is true ... Take for example the new Lexus RX, which has just been modified by the Japanese from…

Top 5 Asian Cars Tuning

Relevance: 32%      Posted on: September 22, 2008

Asiancarsblog made a special top with our favorite tuning models. I hope you enjoy the top and don't forget to vote for your favorite model! Top 5 Asian Cars Tuning 1. Toyota Supra by Japantuning Toyota changed from those that develop Japantuning no less than 912 hp and 1008 Nm.…

Hyundai ix35 Short Review

Relevance: 28%      Posted on: February 24, 2010

Hyundai announced Hyundai ix35 price for the British market. Hyundai ix35-wheel drive is available on two wheels or four-wheel drive and is powered by a 2.0 CRDi diesel engine. Hyundai ix35 Hyundai ix35 advantage of options such as 18 inch wheels, a panoramic glass roof, automatic headlights, adjustable, cruise control,…

Spirra – Ace from Koreans sleeve

Relevance: 26%      Posted on: September 21, 2009

Koreans are playing with heavy metals and are real competitors for the Gallardo or F430. All this with a supercar built in their homes by the company Oullim Motors. The Spirra was born two years ago and leave the impression that parents are a Toyota MR2 and an Acura NSX,…

Lexus IS350 C by Fox Marketing

Relevance: 25%      Posted on: October 30, 2009

The wait is over. IS350 C's by Fox Marketing is ready for SEMA, event that opens its gates next week, on November 3. Lexus IS350 C by Fox Marketing There is the changes list: - Jashaan supercharging system Autosport & Fox Marketing - Foxy Green paint - Coilovers Yonaka SPEC…

Kia Models for 2011

Relevance: 25%      Posted on: July 14, 2011

If you are a fan of Kia brand, let’s take a look at the available models for 2011. TAKE A LOOK AT THE KIA MODELS FOR 2011: Kia Sorento Base 4x2 with Sirius radio power windows and power locks 5 pass 29 mpg hwy is one of the elegant vehicles…

Mitsubishi Lancer vs Subaru Impreza

Relevance: 24%      Posted on: November 26, 2007

The old versions of Mitsubishi Lancer and Subaru Impreza didn’t impress too much with selling numbers. Now are available new models from these models, which are much better by many ways. New Mitsubishi Lancer doesn’t look at all with the previous model, talking about the design. The car looks almost…

Chevrolet Orlando Review

Relevance: 23%      Posted on: February 16, 2011

Chevrolet Orlando is targeted mainly family-and those who enjoy hiking with friends. The design is modern, clean and with American influence (the car originally debuted in the U.S.). Also, from what I saw live at the launch, the dashboard looks very good, like the Cruze. Chevrolet Orlando The starting price…

The new Honda NSX

Relevance: 20%      Posted on: September 24, 2008

Presented at Detroit in 2007, the new supercar was badged as an Acura - Honda's stateside equivalent of Toyota's Lexus and Nissan's Infiniti premium divisions. It will fill a slot vacated by the NSX when it was discontinued in 2005 after a 15-year production run. The chassis, engine and transmission…

2012 Hyundai Elantra Coupe

Relevance: 19%      Posted on: June 10, 2011

The 2012 Hyundai Elantra Coupe will make its debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show in the fall of 2011, according to Inside Line. The car take pride in the fact that it wants to compete with the latest Honda Civic. The bodywork of the car has been slightly altered,…

Honda HSV Race Car

Relevance: 18%      Posted on: March 31, 2010

Honda tested their new supercar Honda HSV at the Super GT Race Circuit where they have found what improvements should bring to it. Honda HSV Race Car It seems that the street version will be different from the circuit one, because it will not have a central engine, but one…

Mitsubishi Lancer Evo-X

Relevance: 17%      Posted on: January 17, 2008

With brash styling, a new engine and great suspension the Mistubishi Lancer Evo-X is one of the most exciting sedans to hit the market in 2008. Part of that excitement is also the price. The base-level GSR will come in at $34,000 and come with 295-hp and 300-ft.lbs. of torque.…

Nissan unveiled new GT-R SpecV

Relevance: 17%      Posted on: January 9, 2009

Nissan has revealed the first official details and photos well-waited GT-R SpecV, a model that will be available on sale in Japan starting with next month, at a price of 15750000 yen (equivalent to U.S. dollars 171797.33 and 126512.34 euros). As the normal SpecV suffered a series of improvements, the…