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What Makes Asian Cars so Sought After?

The new car market in the UK is home to a wide selection of makes and models, and each of them has its own group of loyal consumers. While there are individual groups that tend to prefer German vehicles, perhaps, or those made in France, it seems just about every British driver is a keen advocate of those that are produced in Asia.

One of the reasons for this popularity is undoubtedly the excellent value. Asian cars are generally extremely affordable, and always perform well in comparison to those from Europe and the United States. In the current economic climate, getting the best possible deals for your money is hugely important, of course, and will continue to be for many years to come.

Asian Cars

Quality and value for all

It seems this value for money extends through all car classes. The highly competitive super-mini market, a particular favourite style of car in the UK given the country’s narrow streets and congested cities, offers consumers a variety of makes and models, with the Japanese and South Korean cars proving to be real winners.

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  Toyota EX 3,

Chevrolet Orlando Review

Chevrolet Orlando is targeted mainly family-and those who enjoy hiking with friends. The design is modern, clean and with American influence (the car originally debuted in the U.S.). Also, from what I saw live at the launch, the dashboard looks very good, like the Cruze.

2011 Chevrolet Orlando
Chevrolet Orlando

The starting price for this model is 14,787 euros, given that it is very well equipped (air conditioning, ESC, six airbags, power windows (front) and mirrors, radio CD with MP3, etc.).

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Chevrolet Cruze – for Asian taste

Chevrolet Cruze with air conditioning ESC, TCS, 6 airbags, ABS, EBD, CD to MP3 and many other features now starts from 11,990 Euro with VAT included and pledge 5 years unlimited km or 9,290 Euro with VAT 5 years and the first pledge of scrapping included.

Chevrolet Cruze

Chevrolet Cruze 1.6 L 113 hp LS Plus (1PQ69I7G2) equipped with:

Spirra – Ace from Koreans sleeve

Koreans are playing with heavy metals and are real competitors for the Gallardo or F430. All this with a supercar built in their homes by the company Oullim Motors.
The Spirra was born two years ago and leave the impression that parents are a Toyota MR2 and an Acura NSX, due to external similarities. The engine is one borrowed from the Hyundai Tiburon, a V6 2.7-L, which with few modifications, offers no less than 400 hp. We could say that performances are not bad, considering that the Turbo produces 100 horsepower more.

Spira by Oullim Motors

Auto obsession hits the Chinese

Communism work now on wheels, a Chinese extremely passionate about the phenomenon of auto museum opened in Beijing Chinese Classics machines, in which approximately 170 are housed in vintage cars from around the world.
But for a special occasion fulfillment of 60 years of its establishment Republic of China, on October 1, the museum has put aside for additional polish with “red fleet”.
Pieces of resistance: Convertible used by Mao in military inspections that was a car that has ever walked the communist leader Deng Xiaoping, and a gas-69, a vehicle used by the Soviet army.