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Daewoo models.

Daewoo Alpheon Car

Daewoo is back in business with the new Alpheon model that is represented by Veritas, made by Holden Statesman.

Alpheon will be propelled by a 3.0 liter engine, with an automatic 6 steps gearbox. GM Daewoo declared that the new model will be available on the second half of this year.

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V8 Chevrolet Matiz

I never understood why the old Daewoo Matiz is said “little giant” .. until after this no longer makes. Since the Chevrolet Matiz in pictures below really deserve this title.
Why? Because he remained almost as low, but has a huge engine. A 7.0-liter V8 to 550 hp. Thus, our little giant now accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in just 3.7 seconds from 0 to 200 km / h in less than 11 seconds (exactly 10.94) and reaches a maximum speed of 260 km / h. This project was born in July 2007 and is the work of Yves Fourdin man behind Fourdin Auto Sport (FAS). The model can be seen this weekend at the International Racing Show in Liege.

Daewoo Leganza review

The Daewoo Leganza is surprisingly good for a Korean sedan. It is nimble, with a firm but cushioned ride – not luxurious, but not too harsh, either. The steering wheel moves too easily, though, and does not recenter quickly enough.

The Leganza engine is noisy and buzzy when pushed. The engine also tends to bog when first starting out. Gas mileage is about right for a V-6, which it is not. Power is better than one would expect on the freeway, and passing is very easy, even up hills or with the air conditioner on. The transmission is prone to lurching.

Daewoo Tacuma

Daewoo Tacuma 2.0 CDX Auto (mini MPV 5-dr automatic) features:
• ~ On the road price- £13,995
• ~ Engine– 2.0 L in-line4
• ~ Cc- 1,998
• ~ Maximum power kW- 89
• ~ Maximum power hp/PS- 121
• ~ rpm for maximum power- 5,600
• ~ maximum torque Nm- 176
• ~ rpm for maximum torque- 4,000
• ~ Transmission type- automatic
• ~ number of speeds- 4
• ~ combined (l/100km)- 10.8
• ~ maximum speed (mph)- 107
• ~ acceleration 0-62mph (s)- 11.7
• ~ Country of assembly- Korea

Daewoo Tacuma
daewoo-tacuma_2.JPG daewoo-tacuma_3.JPG daewoo-tacuma_4.JPG
Daewoo Tacuma

Daewoo Lanos

Daewoo Lanos was manufactured by the Korean auto maker, Daewoo Motors, from 1997 to 2002. Lanos was designed by Giorgetto Giugiaro and it was made in three body styles:

1. 3 door hatchback
2. 5 door hatchback
3. 4 door sedan