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Lexus CT 200h

Details of the new Lexus 200h CT appeared online; their source was apparently an official brochure of presentation for this model.

Lexus CT 200h

Lexus CT 200h will debut next week at the Geneva Motor Show and will be powered by a hybrid system consisting of a 1.8-liter gasoline engine VVT 4-cylinder and an electric motor powered by a nickel-metal hybrid battery.

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Nissan unveils new electric car

Nissan takes global warming seriously and unveils its new electric car with zero emissions of carbon dioxide-based platform and inspired by the EV model Tiida. The engine is a Li-Ion battery which develops 80kW or 109CP and a torque of 280Nm. Impressive, huh?
Braking system to refresh the battery performance has added another 160 km to the autonomy of the car initially.
Inside there is a monitor that shows you how many kilometers you until you download the full battery if the car will reach destination loaded on the existing navigation and recharging stations available on the route.


Mitsubishi i-Miev – not very accessible electric car

Some say that the future belongs to electric cars and natural resources like oil is smaller from year to year probably are right. Unfortunately, the market entry of such a vehicle is expected to leave. Of the several models launched by the different corners of the world, none managed to persuade the public to adopt the media. Most popular one is the hybrid Toyota Prius, which can be seen on our roads, but it does not relieve you of visits to the gas station. Mitsubishi i-Miev a name is not unknown to those who follow the automotive industry, but once the newness of the company’s official announcement regarding the future of producing electrical car.

Mitsubishi i-Miev

Electric 3-seater from Nissan

Nissan explains this is a ‘new view’ of the firm’s vision for future city-based transport. Electrically powered, the Nuvu previews technology due to be shown in production form next year.
That much rumored electric vehicle will be bigger than the 2+1 Nuvu, which is designed as a city runabout. There’s a whole organic theme running through the car too, just in case you hadn’t picked up the message that its zero tailpipe emissions make it very much on-message in environmental terms.