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The Charming 2012 Honda CR-V Concept

The Orange County International Auto Show in Anaheim, California has brought us great news today: the 2012 Honda CR-V concept.
Apparently this new model of CR-V is quite different from the previous ones since it presents a stronger and more perfectly shaped structure, ready to intimidate even the fiercest opponent.

2012 Honda CR-V Concept

Even John Mendel, executive vice-president of the Honda US representative agrees that they have tried a new approach which seems to be in their advantage: “The 2012 CR-V Concept strongly hints at the more dynamic and refined look of the upcoming model.
Unfortunately, for the moment we have no additional information regarding the power or interior features, but we do know that more details can be discovered at the Los Angeles Auto Show in November.

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The new Honda Jazz in the UAE

The sub-compact hatchback Honda Jazz is only a niche product and that’s a pity because the Jazz is a remarcable car in many aspects. But Toyota Yaris and the Nisan Tiida have a stranglehold on sales.

2012 Honda Jazz

Although Honda Jazz is cheaper than other cars, Honda gets pricey with options. The Jazz model hasn’t enough power and the hard cabin plastics all over aren’t an advantage either. The good news is Honda Jazz has an excellent fuel economy and is fun handling.
The 2012 Honda Jazz edition hasn’t changed much.

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Sung Hyun Kim Honda Play Concept

Sung Hyun Kim Honda Play Concept was an inspiration that came about from the Iphone. The cars model resembles that of the phone. Its design and features too look like those of the phone. The cars that have been created with the same concept are all convertibles. They are displayed in a glass chamber so that everyone can be able to see the magnificent designs.
The car is a perfect car for people who live in the city. It is a fully convertible car that has no top to close the convertible top. The car has features that allow it to be converted into a motorbike. This feature helps a lot in places where there is traffic congestions. You will not get late for work if you use the car.

Sung Hyun Kim Honda Play Concept

Every one will be looking at your car when they see it passing. The car has a good engine capable of powering for long distances without stopping. The air condition system also cools the engine. Sung Hyun Kim Honda Play Concept talks a lot about the car designer and what he was thinking when designing the car. It is fitted with state of the art suspension for system that is responsible of distributing weight around the car.

The car is fuel economical and can travel a long distance with only a litter of fuel. The air inside the car is fully conditioned and fresh at all times it is provided through out the car by a powerful air conditioning system.

New Honda Air Concept

Honda makes us believe we can really fly with their new design, called “Honda Air Concept”.

Honda Air Concept

This concept was specially designed for the 1000 Pound Car Design Challenge, which was at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

Honda Air Concept

I think this concept is pretty impressive and I would love to drive one soon!

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The Modified Honda Civic

Honda Civic is already a beautiful car that doesn’t need modifications but when you see the rebuilt car by Mugen you will change your idea.

They have given the engine more power by removing the original pistons with different aftermarket ones. Exhaust system has been changed. A stainless steel system is used for the Honda.

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