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Kia models.

Kia is stronger than Mazda with its Forte Hatchback

A couple of years ago, the main selling point of Korean cars was the price. Things have changed and from the stylish Optima to the edgy Soul, Kia is a powerful concurrent/competitor for Honda and Mazda as well.
While the Forte’s five door of the SX became more powerful, the Mazda 3 falls just a bit short.

2011 Kia Forte Hatchback

On the aesthetic level, we don’t have many reasons to complain about. From the outside, the Forte’s handsome but upright hatchback profile had a few bystanders asking if it was a new mini-SUV. In contrast to the distinctively edgy Optima, the Forte seems to draw its visual inspiration from the likes of Civic and Mazda 3. It comes together as a pleasantly inoffensive design.
The interior that tries to mask its economy-car roots with sporty accented touches.

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The new Kia Roadster competes with Mazda

In the Hyundai-Kia group, Hyundai is the brand that aims style and comfort, while Kia is focused in the younger audience, relying on dynamic and fun.

Kia Roadster

Therefore, plans for a roadster Kia, are not hazardous as British sources said for the Auto Express magazine.
It is not the first time Kia has a roadster range. This happened in the ’90s, but then it was only licensed production of Lotus Elan model, built between 1989 and 1995 by small British firm. Koreans have built this model as KIA Elan, between 1996 and 1999, but wasn’t very successful.

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Kia Models for 2011

If you are a fan of Kia brand, let’s take a look at the available models for 2011.


Kia Sorento Base 4×2 with Sirius radio power windows and power locks 5 pass 29 mpg hwy is one of the elegant vehicles you can enjoy.

Kia Sorento Base 4x2

The total price with all rebates and discounts included is $21905.00. Plus TT&L and fees price after loyalty or competitive rebates.

Other vehicles from Kia are:

Kia Forte LX with Sirius radio and Bluetooth cost $16825.00. The price includes all rebates and dealer discounts; plus TT&L and fees after loyalty or competitive rebate.

Kia offers a star-stop engine by 2012

Kia is not just a fuel-efficient car, because in the near future the brand plans to integrate in the vehicle lineups a start-stop engine.

Kia offers a star-stop engine by 2012

That means if somebody is stuck in traffic jam, thanks to this start-stop engine, the driver can automatically restart the power plant when the brake or clutch is released.
This new technology is already popular overseas. Owners will be happy to drive a start-stop-equipped vehicle which adds safeties in urban driving.

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New Kia Picanto

Kia Picanto is the new model from Kia available with 5-door version and 3-door version (a sporty model).

New Kia Picanto

I think the new Kia Picanto looks pretty good and it gives the impression of a massive car with impressive spoiler and a long wheelbase.

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