Chinese cars in UK

The Chinese manufacturer, Landwind told that it will launch two of their models in the UK, next spring. Paul William declared that Expedition 4×4 and Fashion MPV have passed the European type approval tests, which are required for mass- market sales.
It seems that Chinese cars have suffered hundred of changes and improvements to pass tests and can get 3 Euro NCAP stars.
These results are very good, just thinking of previous tests, when Landwind X6 4×4 received 0 starts at the Euro NCAP, in 2005.

Landwind X6

Is good to know that, both diesel and petrol models would be available for the cars, which will cost approximate £9,000.
The next step is to appoint 80 dealers across the UK and to sell 8,000 cars in a year, here.
Good luck, guys!

Landwind X6

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