Daewoo Leganza review

The Daewoo Leganza is surprisingly good for a Korean sedan. It is nimble, with a firm but cushioned ride – not luxurious, but not too harsh, either. The steering wheel moves too easily, though, and does not recenter quickly enough.

The Leganza engine is noisy and buzzy when pushed. The engine also tends to bog when first starting out. Gas mileage is about right for a V-6, which it is not. Power is better than one would expect on the freeway, and passing is very easy, even up hills or with the air conditioner on. The transmission is prone to lurching.

Daewoo Leganza

The interior is well styled, with polished faux wood at strategic points.

Daewoo’s manumatic has no overdrive, and makes it easy to accidentally move two gears at once. However, it does allow starting the car from second or third gear, handy in winter. A performance shifting option makes gas mileage low but lives up to its name.

Daewoo Leganza

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