Future of Auto industry comes from indigo

Chinese from Shuanghuan Automobile plays hard and goes out. Recently, they made a copy of the Smart fortwo model of the product from Daimler, which they called a Noble and the importer, China Motors, won before a court in Greece (against complaints of plagiarism made by Daimler ) the right of sale in this country.
The one who took this decision is a court in Greece which has motivated the decision as “a buyer ready not confuse the model with the Smart fortwo Noble (…) it is recognized that the decision to buy a car is based not only on the outside vehicle but also on technical details such as car engine.
Chinese vehicle is longer by half a meter from the original Smart fortwo, with 3 feet, two extra seats and the engine located in front and traction on all front, while the model of Daimler propeller are back and the traction wheels rear.

In terms of design similarities, the court decided that “they are the result of common origins, which is seen in the fact that both cars belong to the same classes (minicab s).
Beats all, manufacturers have chosen a Chinese model for promoting machine text: “… smarter THAN THE REST.” More clearly than that or that it could.

According to importer China Motors, the Noble will have to enter the market in Greece in the second half of the year.
This example is not unique. May remember Chinese clone of the BMW X5’s produced all of those in Shuanghuan, which Germans indicated a court as plagiarism? Well, a court in Milan to win a case of Chinese, because this model can be marketed in Italy. In 2008 in Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary and Czech Republic markets with the biggest scale model Shuanghuan CEO was sold in 1,200 copies, a value 4 times higher than in 2007.

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