Get The Better Of The Car Thieves

Vehicle crime has been a major issue for many decades, and the authorities in all areas of Europe are fully aware of the need to trace cars quickly after they have been stolen. It’s become increasingly common for high end autos to be spirited away and transported to other countries in a matter of hours.

Among the most popular makes within the specialist criminal fraternity are Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Range Rover and Audi, although it’s worth remembering that just about any vehicle of value can become a potential target. Some countries have higher crime rates than others, of course, but none of them are completely safe from the thieves.

metal container

Gone in sixty minutes?
Most cars would fit easily into a metal container so can be shipped abroad from any one of a number of ports. Once the container is sealed, there is no way of quickly checking what’s inside, so this method of transportation is extremely popular. For the perpetrator, the rewards are fast, but for the victim, the suffering can be traumatic and expensive.

The inconvenience of having a car stolen is merely the tip of the iceberg. The owner needs to make plans to get another vehicle to use, and may also need to change work arrangements in the immediate future. After that, of course, begins the process of trudging from dealer to dealer to get another automobile. There’s also the not inconsiderate hassle of having to deal with the insurance provider, as well as the local police force.

Any law enforcement agency knows they don’t have long to try to recover a high-end car. In some cases, it may even be only an hour or two, so quick decisions need to be taken. One factor which would be of enormous help, however, is if the vehicle was fitted with a vehicle tracking device. It would then be relatively easy to trace and monitor the whereabouts of the car.

David Rice is based in the UK and has a special interest in vehicle crime. He feels that all owners of expensive vehicles should be looking at the range of spy equipment that is available online nowadays.