Honda Civic Mugen RR

The tuning company, Mugen has announced the introduction of limited edition Honda Civic Mugen RR. They will make only 300 pieces, which will be bought and order in Japan. Mugen RR has as a base, the Civic Type R, but is lighter with 10 kg and stronger with 15 hp. More, it has another bodykit, new rims, brakes and better suspension.
The price for Mugen RR was established at $38,750.

honda-civic-mugen-rr.jpg honda-civic-mugen-rr_2.jpg
Honda Civic Mugen RR
honda-civic-mugen-rr_3.jpg honda-civic-mugen-rr_4.jpg honda-civic-mugen-rr_5.jpg
Honda Civic Mugen RR

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