Hyundai on hydrogen

South-Koreans from Hyundai presented in Europe the i-Blue concept.
Beneath its spectacular form it is a revolutionary idea, because this car’s “heart” is a propeller with hydrogen combustion cell.

Hyundai i-Blue specifications:
Engine: 100 kW, hybrid based on combustion cell (450 V/ 11.3F Super capacity)
Pression: 70 bar on fuel tank;
Fuel: compressed hydrogen;
Tank capacity: 115 liters;
Independency: 600 km.

hyundai-i-blue-concept.jpg hyundai-i-blue-concept_2.jpg hyundai-i-blue-concept_3.jpg
Hyundai i-Blue Concept
hyundai-i-blue-concept_4.jpg hyundai-i-blue-concept_5.jpg hyundai-i-blue-concept_6.jpg
Hyundai i-Blue Concept

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