Hyundai with its first hybrid model

Everybody got to invest in hybrid technology, including those from Hyundai, which have launched their first hybrid car in Korea … South course, the Avant LPI Hybrid, hybrid version of the Elantra sedan.
Very briefly, the Korean car has a heat engine operating on LPG plus an electric motor which is based on lithium-ion batteries polymer.


After 43 months of work and 200 million investment, the promise of Hyundai hybrid car reaching hundred in 11.5 seconds, a maximum speed of 188km / h, consumption of 6 liters GPL/100 km and emissions of 99 g CO2/km, the smallest of a Korean model.
Korean market, in fact the only model in which Avant LPI Hybrid will be sold, prices will vary between $ 16,000 and $ 19,000 due to tax exemptions.


Attention Hyundai, competition is fierce, Toyota and Honda hybrid first launching a decade ago.