Increase Your Gas Mileage and Power with Aftermarket Accessories and Upgrades

Honda vs. Toyota, Super Nintendo vs. Sega Genesis and power vs. gas mileage—the eternal choices of car enthusiasts and gamers alike. However, by hooking up your ride with the right combination of performance accessories you can send your horsepower flying and your gas bill dying.
Your first step is to find the right performance programmer. You need one that delivers gas-miser fuel savings in one mode and high-octane muscle in the other. Superchips tuners allow your ECU to effortlessly lead that double life. Utilize their state of the art tunes for monster performance gains when you need a high-octane boost. Then, flip the switch and you enter a world of fuel-saving bliss.

After your ECU is successfully upgraded, it’s time to add on the granddaddy of performance parts—a supercharger. No other aftermarket accessory matches the upgrades in both raw power and efficiency you get when you install a supercharger. They force-feed air and fuel into your engine giving you monster performance gains. And, because they provide a more consistent flow of gas and oxygen, they improve the efficiency of your entire engine. So, if you can contain your urge to put the pedal to the metal, you actually attain fuel savings.

With all of that air forced into your engine, it’s going to need a place to exit. Installing a performance exhaust system adds another level of power and efficiency to your ride that pairs perfectly with your supercharger. And, when you need a super-efficient exhaust system, Corsa is your answer. Corsa performance exhaust systems deliver industry- leading horsepower, torque and efficiency gains. Best of all, they pump every scrap of power out of your engine without the neighborhood- rattling roar of their competitors.

Now that you’ve upgraded the efficiency, it’s time to focus on maintaining the appearance of your souped-up gem. An easy way to customize and protect your vehicle is with a set of floor mats. They come in a wide array of styles, ensuring your car, truck or SUV maintains its completely unique look. Like a truck bed liner for the inside of your ride, floor mats protect against even the toughest and nastiest spills. So, your carpeting stays looking fresh and clean.

Meanwhile, you can’t upgrade your performance and interior without accounting for your precious cargo. Cargo liners are the perfect exclamation point to any comprehensive aftermarket upgrade. They add an impenetrable protective coating over your cargo area ensuring that your interior stays fresh and clean no matter what you put back there. When you install this full suite of performance and interior upgrades you get a truly efficient and unique set of wheels that looks as great as at rides.