Lexus takes over Twitter

Promoting a product has always been the key to a successful business. And with today’s technology this is no longer a hard thing to do. Besides the usual ads and flyers, a company can also be made famous through socializing networks.

Lexus takes over Twitter

Lexus knows this and has made an important step into bringing their brand on the “virtual” market.
The latest news announces us that Lexus has reached 200,000 followers on Twitter. Since this is the first automotive brand that achieves this performance, I believe we should give them a big “Congratulation”.

I guess this might not seem so important to you but this proves that their business is extending and the Lexus brand is starting to become more and more popular around people of all ages.
We can only wish them good luck and if you want to be the first one that sees the latest news or simply be a follower on Twitter, here’s where you can do it:!/lexus.

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