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Fox Marketing Altima Coupe Turbo

Fox Marketing Altima Coupe, realized by TurbochargersCom, has a V6 engine, of 3.5 liters, with a turbo kit from Artisan Performance Turbo, which has the Turbonetics GTK650 turbine, wastegate “Evolution”, blow-off “Raptor” and Aristan intercooler.
It develops 450 hp.

Other changes of this Altima coupe: aerodynamic elements, lower base ground, Brake Pros AP Racing braking system, 20×8.5 rims, 245/30R20 tyres, Yonaka Racing seats, made of black leather and Rockford Fosgate audio system.

fox-marketing-altima-coupe-turbo.jpg fox-marketing-altima-coupe-turbo_2.jpg
Fox Marketing Altima Coupe Turbo

fox-marketing-altima-coupe-turbo_3.jpg fox-marketing-altima-coupe-turbo_4.jpg fox-marketing-altima-coupe-turbo_5.jpg
Fox Marketing Altima Coupe Turbo

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Hyundai Azera 2012 coming to UAE

Designed to compete with the likes of Aurion, Accord, Altima V6 and Maxima, Hyundai Azera wasn’t a success for its brand. Hyundai considered the Azzera as a flagship model, but the Genesis came along with the next generation Sonata wiping out everything in their way.

2012 Hyundai Azera

In the Middle East Hyundai Azera failed to attract many buyers, although there were inter-GCC travelers who bought the car. Azera is cheaper than other premium sedan and more comfortable than normal models.
Its good reliability, the two distinctive features and the futurist design paved the way of Azera future.

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Nissan Murano photo gallery

Nissan Murano was presented official so now I can present you a full photo gallery with it.

nissan-murano.jpg nissan-murano_2.jpg
Nissan Murano photo gallery

The car has a V6, 3.5 liter engine and a maximum power of 265 hp and 336 Nm.
New Murano uses Altima’s platform and it is offered in two versions: with front traction or with integral traction.
Enjoy full photo gallery with Nissan Murano.

nissan-murano_3.jpg nissan-murano_4.jpg nissan-murano_5.jpg
Nissan Murano photo gallery
nissan-murano_6.jpg nissan-murano_7.jpg nissan-murano_8.jpg
Nissan Murano photo gallery
nissan-murano_9.jpg nissan-murano_10.jpg nissan-murano_11.jpg
Nissan Murano photo gallery
nissan-murano_12.jpg nissan-murano_13.jpg nissan-murano_14.jpg
Nissan Murano photo gallery
nissan-murano_15.jpg nissan-murano_16.jpg nissan-murano_17.jpg
Nissan Murano photo gallery

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Nissan hybrid car in 2010

Nissan Motor Co. wants to sell in 2010 a hybrid vehicle developed in-house, by limiting its licensing ties with Toyota Motor Corp. to the Altima sedan. This news appeared in Tokyo- Reuters.
Nissan and Toyota are two of the biggest names on Asian cars market and they have signed a deal in 2002 where they accepted that Toyota would sell its hybrid system to Nissan.
Nissan, which holds 44% of Renault SA (France), has increased its department of creating a power train, which twins an electric motor with a gasoline engine, to save fuel.
Carlos Ghosn, which is Nissan’s Chief Executive, stays lukewarm on hybrids, because it makes small money, despite their higher retail price.
The Altima hybrid was necessarily to clear average fuel economy regulations in California. But, Nissan has been working to create their own hybrid technology and to make it as good as the one available on the market.