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Art Institute of Chicago ends a faculty program and creates a backlash

     Posted on: October 21, 2021

Like many museums across the country, the Art Institute of Chicago has sought closer ties with the racially and economically diverse city it serves. Museum officials ruled that one area in need of an overhaul was the 60-year-old program of volunteer educators known as faculty members who greet school groups…

Frida Kahlo, Aztec Gods: Can art raise a poor neighborhood?

     Posted on: October 18, 2021

Viewed from a towering cable car, the city is a sea of ​​concrete stretching to the horizon, broken only by skyscrapers and the remains of ancient volcanoes. About 20 meters below is the Iztala district, a labyrinth of winding streets and alleys, whose concrete houses cover the neighborhood's hills in…

Beirut was shaken by fatal shots as tensions erupted around the explosive probe

     Posted on: October 14, 2021

Six Shiites were shot dead in Beirut on Thursday in an attack on supporters of Hezbollah and an allied Lebanese party who gathered to demand the removal of the judge who investigated last year's devastating port explosion, and those evoked Scenes reminiscent of the conflict depict the deadliest civil violence…

Lava from the La Palma volcano burns cement works and leads to closure

     Posted on: October 11, 2021

A stream of glowing lava that gushed from the volcano Cumbre Vieja on the Spanish island of La Palma devoured a cement works on Monday, caused a thick cloud of smoke to rise and prompted the authorities to cordon off the people in the area. Local emergency services advised residents…

The UK ranks consistently in the bottom 10% of nations on biodiversity integrity

     Posted on: October 10, 2021

A new study found that almost half of Britain's natural biodiversity has disappeared over the centuries. Agriculture and urban expansion triggered by the industrial and agricultural revolution are believed to be the main causes of this loss. Scientists at London's Natural History Museum have found that the UK is one…

Congress lurches from crisis to crisis and is addicted to cliffs

     Posted on: October 10, 2021

Congress this week fixed an impending global economic disaster by doing what it does best: not much. After weeks of market-threatening partisan attacks, the Senate leaders struck a not-so-grandiose deal that raised the debt ceiling through early December, just two short months away. If history is a guide, lawmakers will…