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2008 Suzuki WRC

Relevance: 100%      Posted on: January 8, 2008

Suzuki has just unveiled the new livery for its 2008 WRC car. The driver line-up is good, mixing the experience of Gardemeister with the youthful exuberance of PG Andersson. Hopefully the team can deliver. It looks pretty good, don't you think? 2008 Suzuki WRC [tags]news,Suzuki,WRC,unveiled,PG Andersson,race car[/tags]

Suzuki Swift Sport Cup Series 2009

Relevance: 95%      Posted on: November 11, 2008

Suzuki Swift Cup is on the second year and it will take place in 2009 in Britain. Interesting in this competition is that pilots will be able to participate in all the races, only Suzuki Swift Sport Cup and the transport and technical support throughout the competition will be ensured…

Suzuki Pixy

Relevance: 92%      Posted on: November 5, 2007

Suzuki Pixy is a highly maneuverable one seat car and represents the future of mobility in busy cities. You can use this car to take a short journey, but for a long journey 2 Pixys can pair with the Suzuki Sharing Coach (SSC). Amazing car sharing. Suzuki Pixy is powered…

Suzuki Aerio

Relevance: 86%      Posted on: January 7, 2008

The Suzuki Aerio is a surprisingly fun and enjoyable car, even though, in some ways, it's a throwback. The interior is refreshingly spartan, without such frills as a covered center console or power leather seats, but it's clean and well executed, with an incredibly high roof providing a sense of…

Suzuki SXForce

Relevance: 85%      Posted on: November 2, 2007

Amazing tuning of Suxuki SXForce. Suzuki SXForce Suzuki SXForce [tags]Suzuki,SXForce,car tuning[/tags]

Suzuki BiPlane

Relevance: 82%      Posted on: November 1, 2007

This amazing concept is ready to capture all the attention for free riders, and not only. BiPlane is powered by 1,000 cc liquid cooled, 4 strokes DOHC and V4 engine. I really can wait to see it in series production! Suzuki BiPlane Suzuki BiPlane [tags]Suzuki,Suzuki Biplane,Chinese engines,Chinese concepts,videos[/tags]

Suzuki X-Head

Relevance: 81%      Posted on: October 31, 2007

The X-Head is from category “big” concept, presented at Tokyo Motor Show, 2007. This is ready to satisfy all of your “Tonka toy” fantasies. It is a fun and functional concept and can be camper for two adults. It also offers fast response to emergencies in extreme environments and stylish…

New member in Suzuki family – Kizashi

Relevance: 78%      Posted on: August 13, 2009

The new family member of Suzuki is Kizashi sedan, which was officially presented in Detroit, USA. Built in the factory in Sagara, Japan, Suzuki new model will have two versions of traction - or face AWD. The car will be available in one variant of the engine - 2.4 DOHC.…

Suzuki SX4

Relevance: 70%      Posted on: December 19, 2007

The Suzuki SX4 is the latest in a series of possible comeback cars from a company most Americans are only dimly aware of. The little car is available in more varieties than many bigger sellers, offering among other things a wagon/hatchback variant and all wheel drive; but more than anything,…

The new Suzuki Hayabusa will be listed on Brand’s Indian website prior to launch

Relevance: 64%      Posted on: April 8, 2021

Recently, Suzuki Motorcycles India used its social media channels to announce the new Suzuki Hayabusa will reach the Indian coast this month. However, the Janese company did not announce an exact start date. While we waited for an update, the upcoming Suzuki Hayabusa has now been listed on the brand's…