Spirra – Ace from Koreans sleeve

Koreans are playing with heavy metals and are real competitors for the Gallardo or F430. All this with a supercar built in their homes by the company Oullim Motors.
The Spirra was born two years ago and leave the impression that parents are a Toyota MR2 and an Acura NSX, due to external similarities. The engine is one borrowed from the Hyundai Tiburon, a V6 2.7-L, which with few modifications, offers no less than 400 hp. We could say that performances are not bad, considering that the Turbo produces 100 horsepower more.

Spira by Oullim Motors

Someone asked me what it can reply to reach 500 hp and I answered, very simply, weighs only 990 kg, resulting in a ratio weight / power all crazy.
Top speed reached is 353 km / h, making Korean supercar’s a likely opponent for the “big” Italian, even if the above brands would have much to comment on the so-called “enemy”.
Maybe its price might make them change their minds, considering that it amounted to 91,000 €, which represents one third of those named above price.