Top 10 Old Japanese Concept Cars

On number 10 I think it should be the Toyota Proto from 1957.

Toyota Proto

At number 9 there should be the Isuzu Bellett MX1600 (Ghia) from 1969.

Bellett MX1600

At 8 it’s time for the Toyota EX-II from 1969.

Toyota EX-II

On the lucky number 7 I’ve placed the Nissan 126X from 1970.

Nissan 126X

At number 6 we have the Nissan 216X from 1971.

Nissan 216X

Now, the final 5 starts with Mazda RX-500 from 1970.

Mazda RX-500

On number 4 I think there is the place for Toyota Concept from 1966.

Toyota Concept

Number 3 is for the Toyota EX-7 from 1972.

Toyota EX-7

At number 2 we have the Nissan AD-1 Concept from 1975.

Nissan AD-1 Concept

Well, the first in our top is the Nissan Prince Sprint 1900 Prototype from 1963.

Nissan Prince Sprint 1900 Prototype

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