What Makes Asian Cars so Sought After?

The new car market in the UK is home to a wide selection of makes and models, and each of them has its own group of loyal consumers. While there are individual groups that tend to prefer German vehicles, perhaps, or those made in France, it seems just about every British driver is a keen advocate of those that are produced in Asia.

One of the reasons for this popularity is undoubtedly the excellent value. Asian cars are generally extremely affordable, and always perform well in comparison to those from Europe and the United States. In the current economic climate, getting the best possible deals for your money is hugely important, of course, and will continue to be for many years to come.

Asian Cars

Quality and value for all

It seems this value for money extends through all car classes. The highly competitive super-mini market, a particular favourite style of car in the UK given the country’s narrow streets and congested cities, offers consumers a variety of makes and models, with the Japanese and South Korean cars proving to be real winners.

Among the notable cars in this sector is the Kia Picanto, which was first introduced to the public in 2004. It offers exceptionally good fuel efficiency, enabling owners to save a substantial sum of money over the course of a year. Similarly, the Toyota Yaris is also a good seller, and is well-liked by those motorists who prefer to lease cars through cheap vehicle contracts.

Sleek, sultry saloons

Needless to say, many drivers need larger cars than the Picanto or the Yaris, and there are a number to choose from at the moment. The Toyota Avensis is a large saloon that offers top of the range luxury but for a middle of the range price. In the UK, it’s not unusual for motorists to replace their current models with a newer Avensis each time.

First introduced in the 1990s, Toyota hoped it would tempt drivers away from the Volkswagen Passat and the Ford Mondeo. The fact that it’s still around, and is manufactured in the UK in Derbyshire, is testament to the success of their initiative. The Avensis continues to sell in impressive numbers, and is also a popular lease car.

David Rice has been impressed by Asian cars for many years. Thanks to the availability of affordable car and van contract hire deals in the UK, he is the proud driver of a brand new Toyota Avensis.

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